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Smita G, SAFe Program Consultant

Consulting leader with 16+ years of global work experience

Smita G is an exemplary agile coach and esteemed consulting leader renowned for her exceptional expertise in driving transformative enterprise agility programs aligned with the vision of CXOs. With an illustrious background encompassing both consultancy and transformation across the IT lifecycle, she possesses an unrivaled skill set.

Playing a pivotal role as an agile coach and Release Train Engineer (RTE), Smita G’s has successfully implemented the SAFe framework for diverse clientele. She has spearheaded global transformation initiatives, orchestrating organizational change management, expediting time-to-market, and elevating product and application quality outcomes to unprecedented heights.

Smita’s hands-on experience in implementing Lean Agile Centers of Excellence (CoE) showcases her adeptness in leveraging Communities of Practice to foster a culture of continuous improvement. Her coaching prowess extends to executive leadership and all key stakeholders within the realm of business and IT, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment.

With a masterful ability to design Value Streams, facilitate product backlogs, orchestrate Program Increments and Big Room planning, and run Agile Release Trains, Smita G’s leadership acumen is second to none. She thrives in fostering innovation and planning sprints while driving metric-driven improvements that yield tangible results.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Smita G’s global work experience is a testament to her balanced blend of technical acuity and transformative leadership. Her profound impact extends to her role as a trainer, having certified over 3000 employees across diverse Agile and SAFe roles.

Smita’s exceptional track record and profound expertise position her as a true luminary in the realm of agile coaching and transformative leadership.


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