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Enterprise Transformation

With Enterprise Consulting, we undertake a transformation agenda for the entire organization, and we begin with understanding the big picture and overall organization goals with the executive leadership across the board. Enterprise Consulting includes extensive hands-on sessions and coaching for executive leadership and senior management. However, that doesn’t mean we do not engage with teams. It means we drive the transformation top-down, the way it is supposed to be! Having sponsorship from the executive leadership team first helps to drive transformation with teams with greater efficiency and effectiveness. If your organization is getting aboard with agility, NOW is the time to engage us!

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OUR BEST Transformation

Program Transformation

When organization-wide agile transformation movement picks up across multiple teams, often a single Program (which encapsulates multiple projects together) seems to struggle more than others. It happens because of its multiple interconnections with other teams or businesses. The challenge for that Program becomes multi-fold as it tries to solve multiple problems at once. With Program Consulting, we focus on one Program at a time while resolving its systemic connections across the organization. This approach helps to untangle the multiple interconnections and foster the transformation ahead. If your organization has a Program team struggling to align itself with transformation or with the rest of the organization, contact us NOW!

Team Transformation

For Team Consulting, we offer immersive team coaching to make a particular team more agile and nimble. Team consulting includes 1/1 coaching sessions with individual team members, especially the Scrum Master and Product Owners. However, we offer this consulting for SAFe framework. If you have a team struggling to cope up with the organization-wide agile transformation, engage us for Team Consulting, and we can ensure that the team gets on track with the rest.


Need-based Consulting

Often during agile transformations, organizations come across specific edge-case scenarios, which do not have well-documented solutions or fall under rarest of rare situations. However, having solutions to those scenarios becomes critical for the organization to move forward with the transformation and achieving agility. That’s exactly where we come to help with Need-based consulting. Call us NOW!

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